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Roof Replacement Process

In Louisiana, many homeowners experience heavy rain, hail, and wind damage to their roofs. Many times a roof from the ground can look fine; however, there can be a lot of damage that can be tough to spot unless the homeowner is on the roof inspecting, which is NOT recommended. It never hurts to have a professional inspect your roof after a heavy storm. The process starts with the following: A&A Roofing and Construction provides a FREE inspection, our qualified inspectors will go up on the roof or fly a drone, if the roof is steep, to determine any damage that may be present on the roof. Our inspectors will document and photograph all damage to give to the homeowner and provide evidence to their insurance company for a claim. For a full roof replacement covered by the insurance company, specifically hail damage, all the inspector has to find is 10 or more spots in a 10x10 area on the roof. Once the initial inspection and photos are taken it is up to the homeowner to start the claim. The homeowner will call their insurance company and provide the storm date related to the damage. A&A can help you file a claim and provide all the information a homeowner will need for a full roof replacement with their insurance. The only out of pocket cost to the homeowner is their insurance deductible.

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