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Hail Damaged Roof (Signs & Inspections)

In south Louisiana hail storms can be frequent and at times it can seem like no big deal at times, however the damage can be detrimental to your roof if not inspected properly. Many homeowners will go outside to inspect the damage, but unless you have a trained eye and go on the roof, hail can seem invisible to most. At A&A Roofing & Construction we offer Free Roof Inspections and can determine and document any damage found.

Common Signs of Hail Damage?

  1. Bruising, Cracking and Granules missing from asphalt.

  2. Look for missing pieces in the asphalt from the roof.

  3. Look for exposed shingles or black substrate (meaning the granules of the asphalt have been compromised or knocked off by something).

Should I Inspect My Own Roof?

It is never wise to go inspect your roof on your own, not only for safety reasons, but a homeowner can cause more damage to the roof just by walking on it improperly. Plus for insurance reasons, they are going to want a professional to look and document any damage.

What Do I Need to Do After You Inspect My Roof?

After one of our roofing inspectors finishes his or her complete inspection, he or she will show you as well explain any damage they found. If any damage was discovered we will help you with all the information you will need to make a claim with your insurance or write up an estimate.

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