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6 signs of a Leaking Roof!

A roof is an important component of your home and its primary job is to protect your home from water. At times however, unexpected circumstances happen and leaks may occur within your roof and can find yourself looking for a Roof Repair Company in your area. A&A Roofing & Construction offers Emergency Roofing Services in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and surrounding areas in Louisiana.

Common issues that homeowners tell us upon contacting about a possible leaky roof include:

1. The most obvious being that water is dripping into the home.

2. Black / Brown stains on the ceiling and/or walls.

3. Rotting and wet wood in the attic.

4. Hearing dripping sounds in the attic.

5. The growth of mold on top of the drywall and attic.

6. Missing shingles and/or open flashing.

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