Roof Replacement

Louisiana Roofing Experts, A&A Roofing and Construction has you covered. 

Hail & Wind Roof Damage?

Damaged roof from heavy storms? Here in South Louisiana there are many storms that can cause significant roof damage such as strong hurricane winds and hail damage. 


A&A Roofing and Construction specializes in Roofing Insurance Claims to help you replace your roof.

Do I Need A New Roof?

A&A Roofing and Construction can help you determine if your roof needs replacement. We send out one of our qualified roofing experts to inspect your roof and provide a roof replacement estimate.

Common Signs for Roof Replacement

  • Roof is 15-20 years old

  • Roof looks worn

  • Hail & Wind damage

  • Shingles are cracking or torn

  • Shingles are missing 

If you spot these damages to your roof, Call A&A for a FREE roof inspection.

​Roof Replacement Process

  • Remove old shingles or tiles

  • Repair roof decking if necessary

  • Replace flashing

  • Install all weatherproofing materials and underlayment

  • Install new shingles or tiles

  • Inspect and clean work sight

  • Final inspection with supervisor

Roofing Types

Premium Shingle.jpg

Shingle Roofing

Shingles are one of the most common types of roofs for residential homes. There are a wide variety of different shingles to choose from for your roof.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are highly resistant to erosion and weathering. Metal roofs are meant to last many years and will not erode, crack, or shrink. 

Slate roof.jpg

Slate Roofing

Slate roofs are best known to last a lifetime and have an elegant appeal. Slate roofs  are fully waterproof and can come in a variety of styles to fit your design.

roof shingles

Spanish Tile Roofing

Spanish Tiles can last a lifetime and are extremely durable in  severe weather conditions and environmental hazards.