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Roof Repairs or Roof Replacement?

Many homeowners will ask, "Can I just repair my roof, or do I need a new roof?". Let's learn the facts to answer that question on roof repair vs. replacement. Every roof in south Louisiana is subject to lots of rain, storms, wind, and high heat. Many asphalt shingles used today for residential roofs are only ideal for fifteen to twenty-five years. The problem many face with repairs is that the shingles are already cracking, brittle, or old. Trying to repair old shingles by tying in new shingles can cause more problems and lead to even more leaks than before. Costs associated with repairs may seem affordable initially but will cost more over time and will never look as good. So let's look at what roofs should be considered repairable.

When deciding to repair a shingled roof, the first thing to consider is the age of the shingles. If the shingles were correctly installed and the roof is only ten years or less old, you can be considered for a roof repair. But why is the age of the roof important? Asphalt shingle roofs deteriorate over time, and with extreme weather patterns in south Louisiana, it's best to have a professional contractor like A&A Roofing and Construction examine and assess your roof. Roof repairs can make sense for some, but if the roof is old or showing many signs of wear, it's best to consider a complete roof replacement with new shingles and a new warranty.

Roof replacements are not only a big project but also an essential critical foundation for your home or business. A&A Roofing and Construction is a highly regarded roofing and construction company based in south Louisiana that can show you the importance of making the right decision when replacing or repairing your roof. A&A Roofing and Construction is here to help homeowners and business owners with all their roofing needs in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, and surrounding areas. If you have questions about your roof, contact our office today and let our professionals guide you in the right direction.

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