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A&A Roofing and Construction serves and is headquartered in Baton Rouge & Lafayette, Louisiana and surrounding areas. Providing commercial and residential roofing, gutter installation, and interior/Exterior remodels.

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A&A Roofing and Construction is a local Louisiana roofing company headquartered and serving Baton Rouge and Lafayette. As well as the entire Southeast and Southwest portion of the state. A&A and its team are highly regarded roofing contractors in Baton Rouge and Lafayette Louisiana and surrounding areas. Our services include commercial and residential roofing, gutter installation, roof replacementsroof repairs, roof coating, and construction / remodeling needs.  Many Baton Rouge and Lafayette homeowners already know and trust A&A Roofing and Construction for many of the following jobs: When it comes to roofing, A&A works with some of best manufactures regarding shingle roofs, sheet metal roofs, slate roofs, and tile roofs. Our experienced contractors are also experts in their field when it comes to roof installation, gutter installation, and interior / exterior remodeling.

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Providing roof repair, replacements, and maintenance service.

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Providing seamless gutter installs, leaf guards, and cleaning.

Modern Bathroom


Providing exterior & interior redesigns from bathrooms, kitchens, and painting.



Providing a diverse set of commercial projects from roofing to total redesigns.

Storm Damaged Roof from Hail or Wind?

A&A Roofing and Construction specializes in helping homeowners' from start to finish with roof repairs and roof replacements with the insurance claims process. 

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Many think all roofers and contractors provide the same quality service, and the homeowner may always look for the lower price to get the job done. The truth is your roof is more than just a roof. Your roof is not only supposed to look good, but it serves as an important foundation to protect your home and family. Trust A&A Roofing and Construction to provide the best and most honest work to get the job done right.


Highest Quality Roofing Materials

In South Louisiana, many homeowners face a variety of heavy storms such as hail and wind damage to their roofs. It's a shame that many other roofing companies may use cheaper materials and underlayment options to "save you money", but at A&A we do not play those games and only trust and use the highest roofing material available to get the job done right. Also offering the best roof warranties and workmanship coverage. 

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